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The YouTubers for All of Your Needs

Major nerd alert. I watch YouTube videos as if they’re regularly scheduled shows on TV and over the years I’ve certainly found my favorites. I think the business of YouTube in itself is inspiring; making content for a living - which is exactly what I want to do. The business of content creating is a different world in itself, and the social media platform is expanding every day. Here are some of my favorite YouTubers for specific needs:

1. Room decor/"Get ready with me" inspo

There’s something oddly calming and interesting about watching someone get ready. You get a glimpse into their world for a few minutes and learn about certain products that they use in all aspects of life. 

Bethany Mota is one of my OG favorites. She started her videos in 2009 and has a following of 10 million subscribers today. Her second most viewed video with 15 million views is called “Morning Routine: Fall Edition!” Her routine videos are not only down to earth but humorous and relatable for young adults. Along with these videos, she has an impressive collection of room decor videos as if she redoes her room entirely every week. It certainly inspired me to make similar changes to my room and those ideas are what I love to have after watching videos like this.

Another favorite of mine in this category is Alisha Marie. Her video playlists also consist of her morning/night routines and lifestyle videos for her 8 million subscribers. 

2. Gameplay

I’m finally coming out with my addiction to playing Sims. But something I like even more than playing it is watching other people play. I think a lot of people can relate to this because it seems like the first YouTube videos consisted of this content. It’s important to watch other people’s perspectives on the game not just for entertainment purposes, but to learn new features about the game to enhance your own experience. 

My favorite YouTuber for this category is Xureila. Her Sims gameplays are the most enjoyable to watch because she customizes her game more so than other users to make it seem more real with downloadable content (that I had no idea about). 

Next on the list is Deligracy. She posts equally the same amount of videos without using the customizable content. But both creators are great to watch as they are given the first look into new features the game creates before consumers get a hold of it. You get a sneak peek into features that you may be interested in purchasing. 

3. Makeup inspiration

I regret all of the times that I didn’t look up makeup looks on YouTube when I was younger. After watching so many throughout the years, I have a much better grasp on the types of looks that I gravitate towards as well as what products I do and don’t like. 

When it comes to flawless looks, I always look for Carli Bybel’s channel. She has more than 60 videos in her “favorite makeup looks” playlist. She intimates get ready videos that are helpful to those who may not have a lot of experience. 

We’ve all had that moment when we’re really interested in a product but need to hear reviews about it before purchasing it. Tati is known for having one of the best, and raw review channels for an entire spectrum of products. She tries out drugstore versus luxury brand products and posts multiple times a week for her 5 million subscribers. Any product you can think of, Tati has probably tried it as she has over a hundred videos in three different playlist categories such as hot or not reviews, first impressions and a series called WTF Reviews. 

4. Entertainment all around

Hands down the best videos I love to watch when I’m done with all of my work are Mikaela Long’s. You may remember her from Vine, and her creative editing skills have definitely transferred onto this platform as well. She makes the most relatable videos, consisting of lifestyle, makeup and a mix of both at the same time. 

A close second is David Dobrik. Also a Vine star, his YouTube videos are widely known for always being 4 minutes and 20 seconds, but the content in that amount of time with all of his friends is crude, hilarious and definitely nothing you’ll see anywhere else. 


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