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I’m going to teach you how to make really cute graphic t-shirts, with absolutely anything you want on them. I started doing this about a year ago and it just adds something a little unique to your clothing. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. I’m talking about iron-on transfer paper!  All of those cute shirts you see on Etsy, make them yourself with transfer paper. Name-brand clothing? Make it yourself! School or club shirts? Make those too! 

This is one of the first shirts I ever made with transfer paper. The transfer paper was about $10 for 15 or so sheets, and the shirt was about $5 from the men’s section at Walmart. I just put a small checkmark on it, and if I had bought this same shirt from a brand, it could have easily been $50. 

Here is the front and back of a shirt I just made. I got the shirt on clearance for $2, and I used transfer paper I already had. I love the movie Up, so I printed out the pictures, cut them out, and ironed them on. Now I have this cute little one of a kind shirt! 

Here are a few more of the shirts I have made using the transfer paper. This is the back of one using an iconic Friends scene. Unagi.

In case you couldn’t already tell I love Disney, here’s another cute DIY Disney sweatshirt I made and then cropped.

Oh wait, another Disney shirt! This one is featuring Flower from Disney’s Bambi. Also another $2 clearance shirt.

And last but not least, here is a cute cropped crew featuring a scene from Snow White

I highly recommend trying this. It’s so fun and you get clothes that really fit your personality out of it. They also are really great gift ideas! I gave two of my best friends a crew neck last year that I added personalized designs to and they loved them. Another disclaimer is you cannot sell these. Companies don’t like it when you pretend to be them. Not cool. So go off and make yourself something new, but relatively cheap. The directions on the transfer paper are super easy to follow, so go be as creative as you get!

Psychology major at URI with a double minor in English and Education. Loves coffee & anything caramel, dancing, music and watching Netflix. Obsessed with all things Disney and spent a semester working at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
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