Your New Favorite Netflix Binge

My absolute favorite show, Billy On the Street, has finally made its debut on Netflix. As of November first, the first four seasons were added onto the streaming platform. I admittedly had not seen a full episode of Billy On the Street, just funny clips I had found on YouTube, so I was extremely excited to be able to finally watch the show in full. For those of you who don’t know, Billy On the Street is a gameshow where comedian, Billy Eichner, runs around the streets of New York City, asking unsuspecting passer-bys random pop culture trivia questions. You may recognize Billy from his work on the show Parks and Recreation, as Craig Middlebrooks, and he also voices the character, Mr. Ambrose, on the cartoon hit, Bob’s Burgers

Billy’s personality is a large part of Billy On the Street, as he is extremely outgoing, and well, he yells a lot. His knowledge about pop-culture is extensive, and his altercations with the strangers on the street are nothing short of hysterical. Not only does Billy run around asking people questions, but sometimes there are celebrity guests too, such as Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Kate Mckinnon, and so many others. He also usually rewards his contestants with money or super unusual gifts. My personal favorite round of the show is the “lightning round” where Billy runs around frantically, looking for people to answer his questions. 

                                                                            Courtesy of Unsplash

This show has been my comedic relief for about the entirety of November since it’s been on Netflix. I promise you, you will be binging this for hours, and most likely forgetting what time it is. It really is that funny, well to me, and hopefully to you. The first clip I had ever seen of Billy on the Street was Billy running around with Amy Poehler, asking people to sing Christmas songs with them and rewarding them a dollar. It is super funny, and also a great way to get into the holiday spirit! So, if you are willing to take my advice, the next time you find yourself at loss for binge-worthy shows, check out Billy On the Street, I’m sure it’ll make you laugh.