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Your Morning Commute to URI as Told by the Cast of Mean Girls

Anyone who lives off-campus knows the struggle of the morning commute to URI. As nice as it is to live off-campus with your own bedroom, kitchen, and personal space, it comes at the cost of spending more time in the car. The cast of Mean Girls knows all the emotions that we go through every morning trying to make it to class on time.

When your alarm goes off in the morning and you have to get out of bed.

When you pull out of the driveway and realize that you left your travel mug full of coffee on the kitchen counter.

Turning on the radio to realize you left it at full volume the night before.

When another car finally lets you go ahead of them.

Wondering how many red lights you'll have to stop at during a five-minute drive. 

When you finally get to the parking lot and realize there are no spots left.

Remembering that you have to go through it all again tomorrow.

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