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You Know You’re Dating A Hockey Player When…

1.  You’re used to the stench of equipment infumigating his car, and it doesn’t even bother you when he sticks his smelly, glove infested hand in your face because you’re used to it by now.

2.  You understand and casually use hockey player lingo such as:

Beauty – (adj) used not just for someone with good looks

Gino – (n) not just a first name–also means a goal in hockey world

Wheeling – (v) nope, not driving a car, a term used to describe a guy picking up girls

Muffin – (n) popular breakfast food, but also a term used to describe a weak shot

Biscuit – (n) also a popular breakfast food, but is another name for the puck

Bender – (n) a player who sucks at hockey, obviously not your boyfriend

Chirp – (v) trash talking opponent, refs, etc. (low key sexy)

Twig – (n) not just a small stick you step on outside, a hockey stick

3.  You find yourself drinking beer and watching NHL games regularly, even when your man isn’t there.

4.  Your weekends consist of going to his games and celebrating wins at the bar after WTB, because you’ve basically become one of the guys.

5.  You can’t help uncontrollably yelling at the refs when your boyfriend gets put in the penalty box.

6.  You get nervous but also turned on when he drops his gloves, so you just sort of stand there speechless.

7.  Play fighting with each other turns into him wrapping your shirt around his hand as if it’s a jersey.  Relax, guy, we’re not actually fighting here.

8.  You’re taking care of new injuries every week: sprained wrist, separated shoulder, tweaked knee. You’re basically a nurse.

9.  As cheesy as it is, you feel safest around them because hockey players are undoubtedly the toughest athletes around.

10.  He has great hands. Yes, ladies…you know what I mean.

11.  He’s probably the oldest boy you met at college, but don’t let that fool you–hockey players are just giant kids in shoulder pads.

12.  The two of you go to tons of hockey games, which is even better when each of your favorite teams are rivals.

13.   They love to cuddle because, deep down, they’re softies. 


Long Island grown. Double major in Public Relations and Political Science. Lover of coffee, netflix, the beach, Donald Trump & the NY Rangers.
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