Why You Should Be Watching "Saturday Night Live"

There are many obvious reasons I think everyone should be tuning in to Saturday Night Live (SNL) every Saturday night. Although, If you’re like me who's living out of a college dorm where you don’t own a television, or you can’t stay up until 2:00 o'clock in the morning, I'll cut you some slack, as you can watch the taped version on the NBC app on your Sunday afternoon-- for free might I add. But I mean, who doesn't like to laugh, that's SNL's main attraction, after all? I personally find it quite funny, and I look forward to being able to watch it every weekend. Living back home, it was routine for everyone to pile up on the couch every Saturday night at exactly 11:30 p.m., ready to watch SNL. Being away at school, I do miss my SNL family nights. Other than the humor, there is always a host and a musical guest who are relevant at that time, which you may take a liking to, depending on your preferences. 

Courtesy: Unsplash

Other than stating the obvious reasons the show is on the air, I think there is another really important aspect of tuning in to SNL. That is to become aware of the political climate we're in today. How familiar are you with the current events going on in the world today? SNL has become a way for me-- and I know I’m not the only one, to become aware of what is going on in the world in a more interesting way. Although I am generally aware of most of the current events swirling around in the media today, SNL always gives a more entertaining insight into what is actually going on. As I watch a skit about politics or current events that I was unaware of, it sparks an interest in me to look it up and make more sense of the skit as I am watching. As humans, we are prone to be more attentive the more we are entertained. I mean, the news is always more entertaining when you can watch a comedic skit about it. I think this is important because we can encourage more people to become more interested in the kind of current climate we are living in today through entertainment. I am not arguing that your only news source should be Saturday Night Live, and you should believe everything they enact because that would be silly. I definitely do think it's beneficial to watch the show and understand some of the ridiculous events that go on in the world through the perspective of comedy. SNL is able to embellish, yet water down events into understandable language and undeniably funny humor. It’s an entertaining way to stay up to date and entertained if you ever catch yourself slacking.

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Saturday Night Live is not the only entertaining way to stay up to date on what the hell is going on in the world today. Another favorite of mine is The Daily Show With Trevor Noah. Although it is more credible in terms of having actual news reporting rather than SNL where they are acting out skits, Trevor Noah is able to captivate audiences using comedy and quick witty jokes that keep audiences laughing. Watching his show is another way to make staying on top of events as entertaining as possible. 

Those are just two examples of entertaining ways to keep up with politics and current events, among so many others that are out there. I feel it is extremely important to always be aware of the events that are going on nationally and internationally, and if it is through comedy that helps people to open their eyes, so be it. Honestly, whatever works. Also, It never hurts to wake up and read what the news app on your phone has to say before you start your day, but if you ever miss out, SNL has got your back.