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Why You Might Feel Down In The Dumps

Do you ever find yourself in a month that doesn’t seem to end? And in that month, do you find yourself getting lost in your own thoughts of sadness, self-doubt and worry? 

Well, for me, the worst month of the year is February and it negatively affects me every single year. I didn’t know why until I went to a “Full Moon Circle” yoga class that changed my outlook on life.  

The class was a mixture of Kundalini yoga, meditation and astrology. The twenty of us were preparing for the next full moon cycle, Virgo, by practicing forgiveness and clarity. During the month of February, the moon was in Cancer. During the Cancer phase, we are supposed to focus on our relationship with the self, family and the stomach.  

The first thing that I learned in my mini-astrology course was that the moon flowed through different zodiac courses after each full moon every month. The second thing I learned was that the moon phase doesn’t only affect the person with the zodiac sign that corresponds with it. The moon affects every person whether it be positively or negatively. It is extremely common that you will be pushed harder and tested more if you are a Cancer going through a Cancer moon phase.  

I am a Taurus and became completely distraught during the Cancer phase. I was constantly doubting myself and my abilities. I did not like the ways I acted or spoke. I was not content in my own skin or life and I was fixated on trying to figure out why that was. It was almost like my thoughts were eating away at my brain until it vanished. Luckily, I decided to attend this yoga class because I then learned the most important piece of information: it will wash away.

Bad times and negative people in your life are never permanent. They flow away just like bad thoughts, mistakes and actions. I am not lying to you when I’m saying that the night after the Cancer full moon transitioned into Virgo, I felt rejuvenated, refreshed and pure again. After 29 days of not feeling like myself, I was finally content and comfortable in my own skin. In one night of sleep, I regained my sense of self, pride, kindness and ambition. I let go of all of my judgmental thoughts that I was giving to myself and to others. 

A yogi taught me that if someone wants to exit your life, let them. Don’t force them to stay because they are following a different moon and life phase. 

If you are going through a rough month, don’t give up. It honestly happens to all of us at one month or another. Even ask your coworkers and family members like I did; they’ll tell you they definitely go through at least one extra tough month in the year.

The full moon cycles are meant to change us both positively and negatively. Some are meant to push our buttons, while others are meant to lift us up to Cloud 9. The moons are meant to form us into more educated, happy, giving people and I guess we have the universe to thank for that!  

Hi! My name is Megan Collamati and I'm a junior at the University of Rhode Island.  I am currently studing journalism and sustainability. I'm born and raised in the beautiful state of Rhode Island and am always excited to learn new things. Thanks for taking a look at my articles!   
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