Why Winter Is the Best Season as Told by Blair Waldorf

As fall semester comes to an end, we need to face the reality that yes, winter is slowly approaching. November in New England can be crucial, considering every time I step outside my fingers go numb and the tip of my nose turns cherry red. But aside from the unbearable cold weather and piles of snow, winter doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Here are five reasons why Blair Waldorf proves that winter should become your new favorite season.

1. Cute Outfits

Cold weather is the perfect excuse to go buy that really cute jacket you’ve been wanting.

2. Holiday Parties

Get together with friends and family and drink up ladies!

3. It’s okay to eat the pie… and the cookies… and the chocolate cake.

Summer is not for another seven months anyway! Treat yourself to a dessert or two.

4. Cuddle with bae (or your teddy bear).

Pop in a holiday movie and call it a day.

5. Holiday shopping for the most important people in your life because they deserve it.