Why Sororities Aren't All That Bad

There are a lot of assumptions when it comes to Greek Life. Most of the time when people think about sororities and fraternities, they think of huge parties consisting of loud music, and lots of alcohol and drugs. People make these assumptions based on how movies portray Greek Life. For instance, if you have ever seen the movie Neighbors or Neighbors 2, you would most likely think all of these things about Greek Life too. I know when I watched these movies for the first time with my parents, my dad looked at me and said “You are definitely not joining a sorority when you go off to college,” and now look at me! Sororities are not as bad as the movies make them out to be, and here’s why.

1. They raise money for a good cause

All sororities have what’s called their philanthropy, mine specifically is Autism Speaks. Throughout the year, the sororities will host different events on campus and at their houses that give all donations towards their organization. Some of the other philanthropies are The Make A Wish Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Starkey Hearing. Each sorority works hard to raise money for their organization in hopes of helping those in need.

2. They get you involved

Personally, I think it is always a good idea to get involved rather than sitting in your dorm room and only leaving for dinner and class. Joining Greek life is a great way to get involved. It is the perfect way to meet new people, especially in college when you barely know anyone. You are able to get to know more than just girls in your sorority, just by simply going through the recruitment process. It also gives you other things to do on campus such as helping out in fundraisers and attending school events to represent your sorority.

3. It gives you lifelong friends

I know its corny to say that I now have a 100 plus sisters, however, some of these girls truly do become people you will call your best friends forever. Joining a sorority gives you instant friends. Yes, at first you have to figure out who you click with, however, once you do they are the people you spend most of your time with. You go to fundraisers together, school sporting events, weekly meetings and if you live in the house, you eat, sleep and breathe with them. These girls are all people you want to be around due to them all having similar interests to you because in the end, you all did pick the same sorority for the same reasons.

4. It opens you up to more opportunities

Believe it or not, being a part of Greek Life looks good on a resume. Being in a sorority shows leadership and involvement, especially if you take up a position within your sorority. There are so many position options to try out whether it is being on the Executive Board, like President, or having a director position. I am grateful enough to hold the Electronic Communications Director position in which I run the social media accounts for our sorority. Personally, this is a great opportunity for me since this is right in the path of my major. Being able to hold positions like these are great chances for us students to get our feet in the water for what it is like to have responsibility and experience in something that we may want to do in the real world one day.

Sororities are not as bad as they are made out to be. If I never joined my sorority this past fall, I don’t know what I would be doing with myself, seriously. Greek Life has already given me so much involvement and opportunities and I am still only in my freshman year. I truly am so grateful for all the experiences I have had already and can’t wait for the future years to come. Next time you think about Greek Life, I hope you think of it with a more positive mindset.