Why "New Girl" Should Be Your Next Show

I’ve been really struggling to find a feel-good show to watch recently. I’ve already seen all your "typical binges" and I’m honestly trying to get out of the habit of watching seasons worth of television in such a short period of time. When New Girl came up on my recommendations, I was a little skeptical at first. I tried watching an episode or two back when it was actually on television as a weekly show and I wasn’t a huge fan. I had also heard mixed reviews from my friends, but the ones who had loved it, LOVED it so I figured I would give it a shot. 

                                                                      Image by Paul Tate from Pixabay 

Now, I am nowhere near completing the series as I am only about halfway through, but I understand why my friends loved it so much! I think the reason I didn’t take a liking to it when I watched it years ago was simply that I couldn’t relate to it. As a college student who is enrolling in her final semester of classes in a week, I can relate to each character in so many different ways. My Type A personality is reflected in Schmidt. The fact that I am genuinely passionate about my major is so Jessica Day. I am very hyper-focused and sometimes don’t know how to express myself appropriately, just like Coach. I could go on and on about every character and I think that’s what makes this show so unique. I genuinely think everyone can relate to at least one character in some way.

Aside from the relatable characters, it’s also a great show to watch when you need a short study break which is about the only time I can watch TV at this point in the semester. Each episode is only twenty minutes long so it’s a very reasonable amount of time to either take a study break like aforementioned or take time for yourself before bed. 

Finally, it has that desired mix of emotions one looks for when they are in search of a prime feel-good vibe. There is romance and sexual tension. There are heartbreaks and tears. There is comic relief and overall very dry humor. These all blend together to make it the perfect show for you to add to your watch list!

                                                                      Image by MICHOFF from Pixabay `