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Why The Lumineers Are My Favorite Band

The indie, folk-rock band from Denver, Colorado is one of my favorite bands of all time. The Lumineers consist of Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, who have been writing music together since 2005 in New Jersey before they moved. They have three albums thus far: "The Lumineers" released in 2012, "Cleopatra" released in 2016, and "III" released in 2019. They are known for the hits such as, "Ho Hey", "Cleopatra", "Ophelia", and many more. Each album has a different vibe, but all three revolve around family and addiction. Their lyrics are deep and original, unlike any empty pop song found on the radio. I saw The Lumineers live in Boston, MA in 2016 where they played hits off their second and their first album, which surprised me considering the four-year gap between albums. I plan to see them on Leap Day, February 29th at Mohegan Sun Arena in CT, which I cannot wait for! I recently got a tattoo of "III" for their third album and as a reflection on how much I have grown as a person since 2012 when I first started listening to their music religiously. Ever since I have found comfort in their songs. They are a really great band to check out if you like indie/alternative music! My favorite songs that I recommend off their third album include: "Donna", "Leader of the  Landslide", "Gloria", and "Jimmy Sparks". If you like HBO's Game of Thrones, I recommend listening to "Nightshade", which the band wrote and sang for the series. 


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