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Why I Think The Cruella Deville Remake is the Best movie:

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

The Cruella Deville movie is one of the best things that has happened to me during Covid. This is an extremely biased article due to the fact that I have seen this movie about 7 times since May, also there will be some spoilers. This movie is 2 hours and 14 minutes long and you can watch it on Disney+.

The movie starts out in the early 1960s in England, and from the beginning, Cruella has always been walking to the beat of her own drum. Cruella and her mother move to London after an incident at school. They have to make a pit stop at her mother’s old friend’s house and she tragically dies. Cruella moves to London and becomes friends with Horace and Jasper. The three of them become really good at stealing. After around 10 years of stealing and designing costumes for these adventures, Cruella gets an entry-level job at “Liberty” and she starts to work there.

After working there for some time, Cruella gets upset with the unfair treatment and makes the opening window display her way. The Baroness’ is a well-known fashion icon who sees the window and hires Cruella. As time goes on, Cruella gains the Baroness’ trust and learns more and more about her, and one day she tells her about the woman who died at her party. That woman happened to be Cruella’s mother.

Cruella puts the pieces together and finds out that the Baroness had a hand in her mother dying.  From that point on, Cruella makes it a point to upstage her in the fashion industry, and spoiler alert, she does. Not only does she create these amazing gowns and outfits, but she also gets the revenge that she’s always wanted on the Baroness. Also a huge plot twist, the Baroness is actually Cruella’s birth mother. Cruella is able to prove that the Baroness will kill to be on top and she ends up in jail. Cruella is the rightful owner of the Baroness’ estate and money. So not only does Cruella get her revenge, she takes back the money and estate that belongs to her. This movie screams girl power and I love it. 

Hello my name is Clara McGuiggin! I'm from Scituate Massachusetts and I really love the beach and strawberry banana smoothies. I attend the University of Rhode Island and I'm a communication and early childhood education. I'm interested in entertainment. I love listening to music and being outside.