Why Can't I Stop Doing Jigsaw Puzzles?

I would say that I became addicted to doing puzzles in the summer of 2020. And I do use the word “addicted” because when I don’t have one to do, I get fidgety and wish I was doing one, and I immediately acquire a new one or redo a previous one. I never did puzzles before this. Maybe here and there as a child to pass the time waiting for my parents to pick me up after school because they both worked late, but I got into doing them in quarantine because unemployed and living at home for the summer, I was running out of things to do. I couldn’t see many of my friends due to the pandemic, so I had to look for activities to do around the house. My mom and I started doing puzzles on the dining room table and up until now, there has been puzzle pieces scattered on that table since the summer. I love the immediate satisfaction that puzzles bring because you can visually see how much progress you're making. Since the school year started, I have been doing puzzles in my free time as a means to relax and take my mind off the stress of impending assignments. In total, I have 30 puzzles! And there’s only a handful of those that I haven’t gotten to yet. Is this normal?

stack of jigsaw puzzle pieces Hans-Peter Gauster/Unsplash

Photo by Edwin Hooper from Unsplash