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Which Disney Princess You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.


December 21-January 21

Hardworking, straightforward, loyal and stubborn like Princess Tiana–you are all about setting goals and following guidelines.  Far more Type A personality than Type B, you rarely get caught up in your emotions.  You rarely spend time wishing on stars for your dreams to come true.  Your focus and logical approach to situations set you apart from the rest.  However you can benefit from being reminded to get in touch with your sensitive side.


January 22-February 21

Humanistic, open-minded, outgoing and creative like Snow White–you are able to make it on your own while helping others.  Your finest quality is your accepting nature.  You are a true friend to others despite being difficult and rebellious at times.  You care for the people around you, but need to remember to tend to your own needs too. 


February 22-March 21

A kind, romantic, imaginative dreamer like Ariel.  You detest strict discipline due to your highly imaginative disposition.  Romanticizing people, ideas and places, you can be easily influenced as you like to be part of a crowd.  You are artistic, compassionate and carefree.  Ironically, as a water sign, you have a tendency to keep your head in the clouds.


March 22-April 21

Headstrong, fiery, bold and courageous like Princess Jasmine–you are short tempered and prefer to be in charge.  You are strong-willed and adventourous, which can lead to impulsivity.  You are extremely passionate and react to things strongly.  Your confidence can come off as arrogance, but it makes you an excellent leader and even better persuader.


April 22-May 21

One of the most driven signs, able to perservere despite adversity just like Mulan. However, your “my way or the highway” attitude can hinder your relationships.  Your dependabiliy is what makes you such an incredible friend and employee.  You provide strength in crisis, but do not react well to opposition as you can be hard headed and set in your ways.  Reliable and loving, you are willing to lay your life on the line for the ones you love.


May 22-June 21

Versatile, creative, playful and intelligent while also thoughtful, serious and restless like Rapunzel.  You are enthusiastic and extremely easy-going.  With the heart and mind of a child, curious and clever, you are a constant learner.  As your personality covers both sides of the spectrum, you are always looking for companionship and adventure to fill the half of you that you feel is missing.  Your desire to experience everything the world has to offer makes you far from boring.


June 22-July 21

Loving, sympathetic, protective and instinctive–you have the heart of Cinderella.  Your kindness is inspiring, but you can become reclusive and isolated as you tend to guard your sensitive soul.  You are intuitive, creative and generous.  You love to take care of others.  However, you can be moody and doubt yourself despite your ability to instill confidence in others.  Don’t forget to treat yourself with the same love and respect you treat others with.


July 22-August 21

Warm-hearted, faithful, proud and headstrong like Princess Merida.  You value your family but do not tolerate being pushed around; you are a leader through and through, and will do just about whatever it takes to get your way.  Despite your bossy tendencies, friends like you are few and far between as your loyalty is unmatched.  You will defend the ones you love tooth and nail.


August 22-September 21

Down-to-earth, analytical, rational and sentimental just like Pocahontas.  You think things through, sometimes too much, and you are incredibly practical and intelligent.  You’re a reliable friend with a modest heart who can keep their cool in hot water.  Perfectionism is your pitfall–remember you can’t always please everyone.  Still, your ability to improve upon any given situations is unparalleled by other zodiac signs.


September 22-October 21

Fair, intellectual, gentle and romantic like Belle.  You have always been wise beyond your years, and you are incredibly diplomatic.  You’re not one to go flying off the handle, which can sometimes cause you to surpress your feelings and avoid confrontation, but you will not stand for the unjust treatment of others.  As a person who is cooperative by nature, you cherish peace and harmony.


October 22-November 21

Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn and assertive like Elsa.  As a water sign, you are governed by your emotions which makes you an excellent friend, but a bit of a wild card.  You tend to be distrusting and can even become violent when provoked.  You value honesty above all else, but can be secretive yourself.  Confident, flirtatious with a hint of mystery makes you naturally sexy.  


November 22-December 21

Charismatic, philosophical, optomistic and adventurous like Jane.  Although sometimes you can be a bit too restless and tend to promise more than you can deliver, you have big dreams and are constantly asking yourself “where next”.  Your zest for life knows no bounds, giving you a great sense of humor and insatiable curiousity for the world around you. 

URI Her Campus President, Campus Correspondent & Editor in Chief! Jersey Girl. Public Relations & Communication Studies double major. Class of 2O17. Usually at the beach, probably petting the closest dog.