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October 1st is the night of the Harvest moon a.k.a. another full moon. With every full moon comes a new cycle of transitions, experiences, and emotions. This upcoming full moon is going to be a struggle for most. You may feel the need to say no or to cut ties during this full moon phase. But, with all of these emotions going around, here are some things you can do!

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1. Try Meditation

When emotions are bound to be high, try calming your mind. Focusing on your breath instead of focusing on what is happening around you is such a good way of finding the answers you are searching for.

2. Release Your Emotions

Talk to someone close to you and help release any emotions you are feeling. When things are high tension it is so important to release how you feel into the universe. Holding onto things can really cause you to go crazy and overthink. 

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3. Clean Your Space

This is the time to help clear your mind. In order to make that easier, try to clean your room or get your chakras cleansed. This is a great way to reset your energy and feel ready for a new phase to begin.

4. Take time to chill

The best thing about heightened energy periods is that you don’t need to put any energy into the world. Just sit back and relax; watch the Universe do its magic. 

Hey everyone! Thank you for reading my article! I'm Madison, a sophomore here at URI! I am a kinesiology major on a premed track!
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