Warwick Raised, Gully Made

This week's campus celebrity is senior textiles, merchandising, and design major, Brandon Greenberg, from Warwick, Rhode Island. When Greenberg isn't skateboarding, listening to music, or drawing, he's devoting his time, energy, and creativity to his company, Gully Streetwear.

(Pictured above: Brandon Greenberg)

Greenberg started Gully Streetwear in 2013 with business partner Zack Palmisano. Their company is an apparel brand based out of Rhode Island that represents equality and originality. They chose the name Gully because they feel like they are a part of a new generation that can be directly influenced by urban streets even though they grew up in suburban Warwick.

Inspiration was sparked years ago in highschool when Greenberg and Palmisano bonded over wanting to wear clothing that no one else had. Six years later, after having time to experiment with new designs and ideas, they created their logo and started printing t-shirts.

(Pictured above: Eric Hurley)

Gully Streetwear is a recognizeable logo and the company produces unique and interesting designs for people of all styles. Their products include t-shirts, hoodies, and hats and will soon be expanding in the future. Their apparel is colorful and eye-catching, and its unisex style makes this a perfect brand for everyone. 

When asked about his college experience and how it has shaped his business career, Greenberg said "In my eyes, if you don't relate to what you are learning in class and feel that passion on a daily basis, then an education could be worthless. Understanding yourself and developing a conscious passion is the most important thing you learn in college."

(Pictured above: Zack Palmisano)

After graduation, Greenberg plans to continue working on the Gully brand and other clothing and product designs for his personal portfolio. The guys plan on successfully dropping a summer apparel package in the near future as well as finalizing plans for a women's line.

Check out Gully Streetwear on Facebook, here, and on Instagram @gullystreetwear. For more information or to purchase a product, click here.