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You’ve tried it all. Playing hard to get, dressing like you’re ready to walk a runway in Milan, doing your makeup all fancy – but he still won’t notice you. That’s because guys usually don’t care what kind of jeans you’re wearing, or how “on fleek” your eyeliner is. They might think you look bomb, but that’s not going to seal the deal for longer than one night. If you want to really win him over, there are a few unique, lesser-known ways to get the guy of your dreams.

Be A Little Weird 

The last thing you want to do is show him how well you can burp on command, but being a little weird is definitely a plus. Guys, and people in general, don’t want to be with just any average person, so you have to set yourself apart from the next girl your crush may look at. By being a little weird, or “quirky”, he might just fall for you. Be yourself, show him some of your funny dance moves, unless they’re just flat out bad. You’ll know what’s good or not, and if you don’t, just avoid dancing as a whole.

Cool It With The Makeup

If you’re a MUA or a beauty fanatic, don’t change who you are for a guy. And if you just enjoy doing yourself up, keep doing you. However, if you find yourself putting a bunch of makeup on so your crush will notice you, maybe it’s time to just cover some spots and put on a bit of mascara and call it a day. Your natural beauty is important when it comes to attracting a guy. They won’t be paying attention to how well you blend your contour – they will be looking at your eyes and your smile. Trust me on this one.

Be Passionate About What You Like

There’s nothing sexier than someone who knows what they’re talking about. Seriously – how hot would it be if your crush completely schooled you on something he’s interested in? Even if you know nothing about Rugby or how to operate a camera, as soon as your crush starts talking about it, you’re pulled in. It’s the same for guys. They want to hear you talk passionately about something, and especially if it brings conversation. Start talking about something you love, whether it’s your dog or your future career goals.

Compliment Him

We all know how nice it is to be completely flattered by someone, so why wouldn’t you want to give your crush the same attention? If he looks hot in sweatpants or hats, let him know. Something as simple as “That shirt looks really nice on you,” or “Your hair looks good like that” could make his day. And if you’ve never even spoken to him before, complimenting him will put you on his radar. He now knows you and will recognize you the next time he sees you, all because you told him something nice. This step can be hard, so take it slow if you need to and approach it when the time is right.

Touch Him

Not like that – get your mind out of the gutter. By playfully hitting him or nudging into him when you’re laughing, you come off as confident, and guys love confidence. Another fun little trick is to compare your hand sizes. It sounds weird, but it’s more effective than you think. By comparing your hand with his, he gains this weird “manly” power which guys usually want, and it’s kind of an intimate interaction. You’re not holding his hand, but it’s the next best thing. These small interactions with your crush will not only physically bring you closer, but it boosts internal confidence which will allow you to progress your “relationship.” It’s worth a try!

Do Some Research

I cannot stress the word “some” enough. You definitely don’t want to stalk him because that usually doesn’t work out. Unless you’re Joe from You, then I guess it might be a possibility. Just don’t end up killing your ‘Beck’ (spoiler alert). On a serious note, doing some digging into his music taste, and his favorite movies could be a good idea if you’re clueless on ways to start a conversation with him. If he likes Marvel movies, maybe watch one and talk to him about how awesome they are. People, in general, like to have things in common with others. And who knows? Maybe after some digging, you’ll genuinely have a lot in common with your crush, which is always a plus. Now get scrolling, just don’t be the weirdo who looks in his tagged photos to see who he’s friends with. That is not what I meant by “be a little weird” in tip #1.

Prosper In Your Own Life

You should always try and do this, but it’s also important when it comes to dating and attracting someone. If he sees that you’re having fun, getting great grades, and achieving your goals all on your own, he’s going to notice and be proud of you. People are attracted to success, and there’s nothing more attractive than someone who’s killin’ it at almost everything they do. Don’t only focus on your crush, take care of yourself and chase your own dreams. Your Prince Charming will come to you a lot easier. It’s even scientifically proven that if you’re succeeding in your personal life, that your dating and sexual life will prosper as well.

Try A New Hairstyle Or Look

If he knows you as the girl who parts her hair down the middle and wears baggy clothes usually, maybe try changing it up with a side part and a tight-fitting shirt one day. Change is always nice, and it could even boost your own confidence. Guys can be pretty oblivious to things, but sometimes a little change, whether it be your hair or new glasses, he’ll be sure to notice and might even comment on it. You don’t want to completely change your look though. You should always be “you”, but you never know, you might find a new and improved look for yourself.

We all know the feeling of liking a guy who you probably think doesn’t even know you exist. It could also be quite fun, but definitely exhausting nonetheless. These tips might help you gain the confidence to make the first move, or get your crush looking at you. And hey – if he doesn’t budge, you can do better! You are fabulous just the way you are.

Hi! My name's Shelby, but some of my friends call me Shebs. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and have a strong love for New York pizza. I am currently attending the University of Rhode Island as an Undecided major within the Harrington school of Communications. I am interested in Film/Media and Journalism. I love kicking back and watching movies, especially horror movies.
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