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Unbridle the Magic

With a mix of desire to learn more about animals and the need for volunteer hours in order to make my way into the National Honor Society, I decided to join an organization called Celtic Charms Therapeutic Horsemanship. A friend of mine decided to give it a try, and after telling me about the nonprofit dedicated to providing people who have special needs with invaluable horse therapy, I was hooked. 

Beginning the summer prior to my freshman year of high school, I began to devote multiple hours each week to learning about the animals on the farm, horses and beyond. I began attending as a volunteer with no prior experience, shadowing the more experienced. After only a few months, I felt much more comfortable and was able to begin helping much more around the farm. 

I started side-walking on the horseback riding lesson sessions, so I walked next to the horse, keeping watch of the rider to ensure safety and optimal therapeutic benefit. Once I learned more, I was able to lead lessons, taking control of the horse to help the rider whenever necessary. I began to grow bonds with the riders, learning about all of their wonderful individualities, gradually turning each of them into true friends. I also grew close to fellow volunteers, making the experience one of bonds and inspiring learning from one another. 


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After years of volunteering, I made a home out of Celtic Charms. Their organization saying is to “unbridle the magic”, and this could not explain the work done there any more adequately. Completely run by volunteers dedicated to contributing positivity to the community and helping so many extraordinary people get therapy that was life-changing, the magic could not only be seen with every lesson, but it was always felt with every step into the barn. 

Celtic Charms has relocated, so I am no longer able to volunteer, but I carry the magic in my heart at all times, remembering that anything is possible. I will always remember and be motivated by horses, lesson instructors, volunteers, and riders who have impacted my life so much. If you have a passion and any help to offer, I suggest delving into volunteering. It is so rewarding from start to finish, and it gives you something to be grateful for a lifetime. I thank Celtic Charms for teaching me about myself and the world around me. One decision that may seem simple can end up shaping, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

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