Ultimate Foodie Pages on Instagram


A New York City foodie who posts the most gorgeous looking food. In each one of her posts, she describes what food she got and where to get it. I like her account so much because her posts are a variety between savory and sweet foods (I’m a huge dessert person).


Mac and Cheese Skillet

Interesting name, but their posts make me drool. They are currently located in Los Angeles, CA but they tend to repost a lot of other posts from other foodies. Some of their pictures and videos are so mesmerizing, 10/10 recommend.


Since I’m from Seattle I had to add this one in. I look at this account when I’m looking for something to eat and it always gives me a new place to try. They mostly post about savory foods and have a mix of different cuisines. In their captions, they describe a little bit about the place and what else they might have to offer.


I enjoy looking at sweets more than salty foods, so I had to post about this account. This account is NYC based and seldom posts about savory foods, but when they do it looks so good. They explore cheap eats to fine dining, which is ideal.


This is my personal foodie account! I have been posting food stories on my main account and thought it was time to start one, so I made it just about a week ago. I’m super excited and my friends told me they have all been waiting for this moment. Hopefully, I can get some good content on there and explore foods from all the places I travel to!