The Types of People You Always See in Airports

Anyone who travels knows the routine of catching a flight. The more you fly, the more accustomed you become to the drawn-out process that is required to reach your destination. Even if you've only been on a plane once, you are sure to have experienced a wide variety of personalities during the journey. Airports attract a vast array of travelers. Each person has their own story, destination and reason for being there. In my experience, there are certain types of people that you can always expect to see in the airport, some of them more favorable than others.

1. The Family on Vacation

These are not your experienced travelers. Usually accompanied by young children, the frazzled parents tend to make their way to the gate quite frantically. Traveling with little ones can be quite overwhelming as you are not just responsible for yourself. The family vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but the travel part of the experience can be just the opposite.

2. The Budget Traveler

Often, students are the people catching the cheap flights with only carry on bags. They're the ones stuck in the middle seat because they don't want to drop a couple of extra bucks to sit by the window. Their biggest challenge is removing the backpack that makes them resemble a turtle and fitting it into the overhead storage. As much as they struggle, they won't cave to pay and check a bag.

3. The Seat Switcher

This is the person that taps on your shoulder five minutes before takeoff. They want your seat so they can sit by their friend/sibling/child/spouse. While they usually offer you a better seat than your original in return, the offer always seems to come just after you have gotten settled in.

4. The Employees Who Are over It

I have nothing but respect for anyone who works at an airport. They spend their days dealing with frazzled and overwhelmed travelers. The nature of the job can lead to some employees being less than pleasant to those they interact with. From the check-in desk to the flight attendants and the immigration officers checking passports, it is not uncommon to come across someone who is less than thrilled to be at work. But hey, I'm not typically a ray of sunshine when I'm at the airport either.

5. The One That Won't Be Quiet

This person is the one that is the reason you can't sleep on the plane no matter how tired you are. Their identity varies from a crying baby to a loud phone call, or someone that does not understand how to use headphones. They're your reminder to always bring earplugs when you travel!