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Try Essential Oils!

One of the most important self-care tips I have taken advantage of in college is the use of essential oils. In high school, I was introduced to different kinds of oils through one of my teachers who used them in the classroom. For every essential oil she put in her fancy light-up diffuser, she had a wonderful explanation of how the particular oil would benefit her students, or as she called us, her children. 


Knowing that I would be in a small, probably not super clean, dorm room, I wanted to continue to take advantage of the benefits that these oils offer. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to find a reasonable-priced diffuser that would be a perfect size for my small living space in the dorm. Of course, I chose one that lights up too! 

It is smart to purchase a few essential oils when you first buy a diffuser for a few reasons. The first reason is that you want to make sure you find one you enjoy the smell of because after all, it will be let out into the air for a constant scent. The second reason is to have a variety- different essential oils serve different beneficial purposes, so it is important to be able to mix up the options depending on what you hope to achieve. The third reason does not exactly concern you, but rather, your pets. Animals can be extra sensitive to essential oils, and they can actually end up harming them. This is not necessarily a big concern for dorm-living, but if you intend to bring the oils home, it is important to have specific ones that you know are safe for pets. It is very simple to search which oils are good or bad for your little buddies!

Once you can set up your diffuser and get your essential oils into the air, hopefully, they begin to work their magic. Depending on which oils you choose, you will experience different effects that can transform your physical and mental health. palm trees sunset pink sky fun adventure original Charlotte Reader / Her Campus