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I know, I know. I have heard it thousands of times… country music is awful, and I should change it to something “everyone will like to hear”. Chances are, if you enjoy country music, you can relate to the struggle of trying to jam to your music in a world of what seems to be hip-hoppers and pop enthusiasts.  There is nothing quite like finding another country-loving soul, so I would like for all of us to rejoice through this post in sharing what makes this musical genre so special. 

No matter how much I try to convince the skeptics that if they give it a chance, even the most stubborn are bound to enjoy and connect to at least one song. Country music is more than songs to the listeners. Sure, I am a cowgirl at heart, but it is more than trucks and open fields, it is the raw spirit that can be felt through the music. I knew I was in love with country when I took a trip to Tennessee, and I was able to understand first hand how important the music is to people there. They take each beat, each word, each moment of rhythm straight to the heart. 

Amelia Kramer-Golden Hour Road Trip
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I listen to country music because it helps me to feel connected. The lyrics make me feel understood. I feel freer and more in tune with myself when I feel like I am going through the experience with the musician. I do enjoy all forms of music, some of my favorite songs are not even remotely country songs, but I feel different when listening to country. I feel like I can connect with the past, present, and future through the stories the music tells. There is a song for just about any mood, and it is great to be able to relate to songs that not everyone around me knows. Soak in the messages, and bask in the storylines. 

To all the doubters, just remember that country music is no different than any other. It has messages to send, and some of them can be quite beautiful if you take the time to listen and enjoy it!


Hi! My name is Alyssa Houlis, and I am a senior English major with a business minor. I have enjoyed my studies at URI for all of the opportunities I get to write and explore the lovely language that is English. I am excited to see what opportunities will present themselves once I graduate from lil' Rhody! In my free time, you will probably catch me hugging a tree, painting, or skating!