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Thoughts You Have On The RIPTA

The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, or the RIPTA as we know it, is easily one of the most stressful things about good ol’ Rhody. I’m sure we’ve all had a wild variety of experiences on the bus, but these are just a few of the most common thought’s we’ve had along our commute across campus.


When isn’t the bus late?

I’ve been here for at least 15 minutes.

Welp, now I’m gonna be late to class.

Sh*t did I get on the wrong one?

This isn’t going the direction I wanted it to.

Is this bus driver going to kill me?

Why is he/she in such a bad mood today?

You could at least attempt to slow down for the speed bumps.

I think I actually just caught air on that one.

The bus smells like a mix of vomit and regret.

Okay the driver almost just hit all of those cars but, sure, carry on.

Why can I hear the sorority girl complaining about her boyfriend over the music in my headphones?

I think someone just cracked a beer.

Either that or they still smell from last night.

Oh God, its getting stronger.

I need to get off of this bus ASAP its way too crowded.

No seriously it’s full why are you still letting people on?

Aaaaand another stop to let more people on.

FINALLY, my stop.

*fake smiles and kisses the ground for surviving one more RIPTA ride.*

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