Things College Students Need to Appreciate While They Still Can

College students love to complain. Although we may think life is just too hard right now, we actually have it pretty good. Before the best four years of our lives pass us by, we must realize all the things that we can't do once we enter the real world. Complain about the tough stuff, but don't forget to appreciate and take advantage of these things while you still can.

1. Free time

This one is huge. You may think trying to find time for studying, class, work, sleep and social time is impossible, but just wait until you don't get to pick and choose what time you want class to be, or that you have Fridays off. 

2. Naps

Naps are a gift. There's no better feeling than getting through a few classes and rewarding yourself by plopping right back into bed at 3 p.m.. Unfortunately, once college is over, there's not much time for beloved naps. Take advantage of this while you still can.

3. Sleeping in on a weekday

Sleeping in in general is something we have to appreciate. In the real world, there's just way too much to do on the weekends, and you can forget ever sleeping late when you have a real job to get to at 8 a.m..


4. Student discounts

Student discounts are awesome. Many of us don't utilize our IDs the way we should! No matter how broke you are, still head to your local shops and restaurants and see what discounts they offer to students. 

5. Free gym membership

Many of us complain about not having time or energy to go to the gym. But just wait until you actually have to pay to workout... shouldn't someone be paying me for all this work?

6. Summer break

Unless you plan to be a teacher, you need to make the best of every minute during summer break. Working all summer is going to be the worst part about the real world, so take advantage while you can.

7. Wiggle room

By wiggle room I mean it's okay to make mistakes. As a student, you mess up and learn from it. Some employers leave no room for mistakes... AKA you do something wrong, you're fired.

8. Wearing sweatpants all day

The fact that most of us consider putting on a pair of jeans "dressing up" is sacred. Once you enter the real world, wearing jeans is only acceptable on casual Friday. So take advantage of the fact that you can wear sweatpants and leggings every day of the week.

9. Skipping class

Whether you're hungover from the night before, didn't do the homework due, or just too lazy to get out of bed one day, you can probably get away with skipping class. Unfortunately in the real world if you just decide to not show up to work, you're fired.

10. Drinking during the week

Hangovers in the real world a whole new experience. Half-off drinks on weekdays and "Wine Wednesdays" will no longer seem as awesome as they did during college. So take advantage of the fact that you can recover from the night before so easily, because trust me, that will change.

11. Little financial responsibility

Besides maybe helping your parents pay for the rent and tuition bill, there's not much financial stuff you need to worry about in college. Once the you enter the real world, prepare to be taxed, pay off loans and much more.

12. Guidance/Resources

Some college students don't realize all the resources handed to them for free. Advisors and professionals are there to answer your questions, and things like database access from the library do go away, so use these while you can!


College is short, and although we pick apart every little thing that we can complain about, secretly we wish it could last forever. So take the time to enjoy every moment before it's over!