Thanksgiving is Not the Holiday for Picky Eaters

Love Thanksgiving foods? Can't relate. The holidays have always been stressful for me when it comes to sitting around the dining room table with family and eating foods that are not my #1 choice. Thanksgiving, in particular, has always been a concern for me because I do not like most of the traditional Thanksgiving foods. Here is what I do to avoid family members commenting about what's on my plate. 

First, load up on the good stuff; whatever few foods you actually enjoy, fill up your plate with those. Then, put some foods that you know you're not going to eat on your plate to lessen the negative space on your plate. You can push those foods around at the end and pretend you really did eat them. Also, suggest bringing a dish that you know you'll actually enjoy. If you can get away with bringing mac and cheese or potatoes, then fill up your plate with that good food instead. I always fill up my plate with at least three pieces of bread, too, which is highly recommended. If you focus on just eating the few foods that you like, then the dinner will be over before you know it. Then, you can move onto the best part of the meal: dessert. I don't like eating the traditional pumpkin and apple pie, but you're not really obligated to eat pie or dessert, so you're fine. I suggest also bringing a dessert dish that you enjoy, so you can look forward to eating that after the dry turkey. If you are a picky eater, like me, you can use these tips for any family meal that has gross foods.