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The Texts You Send Your Mom When You’re At School

If you and your mom are anything like me and my mom, you guys are are each other's best friends and worst enemies. Here’s a list of texts you and your mom mom have probably sent to each other while you were separated.

“Miss me?”

This is an actual text that my mother sent me 20 minutes after freshman drop off. Are you kidding? You haven't even left Rhode Island yet. 

“Can you send me pictures of the dog?”

Nothing is better than when Mom unexpectedly sends you a picture of your dog. I currently have an unhealthy amount of pictures of my dog on my camera. Thanks Mom. 

*ugly selfie*  

Sometimes you just gotta remind Mom what you look like, in case she forgot. It also helps Mom keep up with your life. It's almost like you never left! I like to send her pictures of me in the midst of freaking out about my classes or walking around campus. 

“When can I come home?”

This is code for “help, I haven’t done laundry in three weeks and I need to eat something that isn't Easy Mac.” 

*hints to Mom that I’m running low on funds*

Nothing is worse than admitting to your parents that you're financially irresponsible. When I know I’m running out of money I usually send Mom the “do you think $15 is enough money to buy a week's worth of food?” text.

“How mad would you be if I dropped out?”

Everyone has considered it at one point. You might as well ask mom to see what her reaction is. Usually Mom replies with a supportive "Oh stop, everything is going to be okay" or "I did not pay this much tuition for you to give up now."

“How do I cook ____?”

Mom's recipes are always better than ones you find on the internet. She'll probably send you a family recipe and, if you're lucky, she might even FaceTime you to make sure you're doing it right. 

“Does this look okay?” 

I have sent this text to my mom in every possible context. This text followed a picture of my eye when I thought I had pink eye, a picture of left overs to make sure they were okay to eat, and potential outfits for interviews. I've received a brutally honest response every time I've sent this text.  

“Did I leave my ____ at home? Can you send it to me?”

Odds are I did leave it at home and she’s wearing it. She'll send an unrelated text to divert my attention. 

Love you!

There is nothing better than being reminded by your Mom that she loves you and wants nothing but the best for you. 

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