Ten Cool Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

If you're anything like me, you have hundreds of pictures saved on your phone of tattoos as inspirations for what you may want to get inked on yourself next...or you may just like how tattoos look but don't actually want to commit to one. Either way, over the course of searching for the best tattoo parlors, artists and ideas, I've stumbled upon many unique tattoo accounts that have ideas I would never think of by myself but love and adore! Here are just ten of some of the coolest tattoo accounts I've found that inspire me to get another one someday. 

1. For the abstract artist lover:

2. Celebrity inspired, and just totally sick tats bro:

3. For the vegan, vegetarian or veggie lover:

4. Simple, sweet and sentimental:

5. Edgy: 

6. Artwork that may have a meaning, or may not:

7. Color blocking isn't just for fashion anymore:

8. Delicate and fun:

9. Words:

10. For all of your tattoo inspirations: