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Tattoos I Want That My Mom Won’t Let Me Get

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

As a young adult, the second we get to college, we immediately gain control of our impulses and freedom. One of the best parts of this new autonomy is deciding if we want tattoos. You know the vibe of tattoos, it’s something semi-rebellious, and it’s something we haven’t done before. Personally, I only have one tattoo, but we’ll see how long that lasts…



My desire for a butterfly does not stem from anything very deep or meaningful. I think they are gorgeous, and I generally like the way they look. It’s a relatively basic concept but it’s simple enough to be made unique in any way. A butterfly can look nice in any spot you pick to put it. I think as of now my plan is to get the tattoo small and on my rib, but we’ll see if this decision is set-in-stone by the time I get around to making an appointment.


Evil Eye

The Evil Eye has a truly interesting origin. The “Evil Eye” was a glare given to “curse”, or misfortune someone, and the small blue protection we think of today, also known as an Evil Eye, was given for protection against this thought. Now, at this time in society, the meaning has become watered down; the Evil Eye can loosely represent the concept of bad karma, and that’s what I have come to believe it to be. Therefore I like the idea of this tattoo as something to be grounding.


“Why Not”

The idea for the “why not” tattoo purely comes from the brief thought of “why not?”. It doesn’t necessarily have a set meaning more than just saying why not, but it can be perceived to add a boost of confidence, especially for situations when you should just be saying why not.


All in all, turning 18 and getting as many tattoos as you can in a short period of time is definitely not the best option, but looking into some fun art can be a good way to branch out into adulthood. So take a small risk, find something you fall in love with, and get inked!

Check out this link to my Pinterest board for some actual insporation!: https://www.pinterest.com/arambarri/tattoos/


Hi, i’m Miren! I’m a freshman Marine Bio major at URI. I love playing tennis and sailing, i love going to beach and being outside! Go follow me on insta! it's @mbarri17