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The first and most important trick is to limit all distractions. This means stop scrolling through Instagram, swiping right on Tinder, and/or refreshing your crush’s location on Snapchat. Being in a space without your phone or other people around helps clear your mind. When your mind is free of distractions, you can focus better on the task at hand. Another way to accomplish this is to organize your workspace because clutter just adds unnecessary stress, even subconsciously. 

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Another helpful thing to do is to limit your stress level as much as possible. When a person is stressed, their hippocampus (the part of the brain in control of memory) actually shrinks and causes the person to remember less. There are many different techniques that people use to relax their minds and get rid of stress. This could be meditating for a short amount of time, using deep breathing exercises, or diffusing a relaxing essential oil. Anything that can help reduce stress will ensure better grades and a higher performance rate.

Photo by Melina Nuttall

There are several ways to actually conduct the study session in the most effective way possible. Some people benefit from rewriting all important notes, making flashcards, watching YouTube videos, etc. Other people could benefit from listening to podcasts, reading their notes out loud to themselves, or meeting with a group of people who are studying too. 

One of the systems that help me the most is the reward system. After certain intervals of time working on an assignment or studying for a test, I will allow myself to use my phone for another interval of time. This could also be done by using rewards such as a snack, candy, or an episode of your current Netflix obsession. It does not have to be just after certain time intervals, however. Rewards can come after reaching specific checkpoints in a study session or assignment as well. The reward system helps motivate the person to continue their progress and feel good while working hard.


In conclusion, school can be difficult and taxing for everyone. By using one or all of these tips and tricks, hopefully, you can find your experience to be a little easier.


Hi, my name is Melina Marie Nuttall! I am from Massachusetts and I am a Communications major looking to follow a career path in Public Relations.
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