Struggles of a URI student

The University of Rhode Island is a great school to go to. Everywhere you look you see Rhody Pride. People love going to school here. We all chose to attend and have joined the ram fam. As great a school as it is though, there are some challenges we all have to deal with going here. 

1. The "walk" from Swan to White with only 10 minutes in between classes

2.  Figuring out what floor rooms in Chafee are on (274 on the first floor?)

3. Walking up the hill for classes4. Walking to class bundled up in the cold winters but sweating by the time you get to class5. Trying to use an umbrella in the wind, because when is it not windy here6. Trying to find parking7.  Walking to class in dangerously cold temperatures because URI ignored your petition to cancel classes8.  Going out Thursday night even though you have Friday classes

9. Trying to find a place to stand to wait for your coffee in the memorial union Dunkin'10. Construction. Everywhere. All the time, but especially right outside your window at 7 am