Steps to Having a Successful Semester

1. Get a planner and use Google Calendar

I cannot emphasize this enough. You need a planner in college! There are just too many assignments and little things that your professor will tell you about and will not mention again until it is due. I didn’t use Google Calendar before but trust me it has helped me so much this past year. The best part about it is when you put an assignment in the calendar, it will also show up on your phone and remind you.

2. Start with your syllabus

Once you get your syllabus for each class, start writing down all the important dates in your planner and/or Google Calendar. In the planner highlight those dates, so they stand out and set reminders in Google Calendar. You are responsible for anything on the syllabus, so start your semester with knowing when everything is due!

3. Join things that interest you

When joining any organization or club, you should ask yourself if it matters to you and if you have an interest. The reason for this is because when you involve yourself in something and it doesn’t matter to you, then you won’t go to meetings or events. If you are only interested in one or two organizations, that’s great! Get super involved in those organizations and make goals to eventually be one of the officers.

4. Hang out with friends

Try to make new friends each year of college, whether that is in class or through organizations. Plan trips off-campus, get dinner, walk to class together, and/or find a workout buddy; these are only a few of the things you can do! Having a social life is important to your well-being, especially when you are attending a campus far from the city.

5. Make time for yourself

You will be so busy that sometimes you just need to have some time for self-care whether that is napping, meditating, watching Netflix, or doing face masks! It is perfectly okay to be alone for a couple of hours to recoup and reflect on your day or week.

6. Have fun

You are in college! Try new things, do your homework, and go out with your friends. You can do so many amazing things with your life, so why not start now? These years you don’t get back so live it up while you can!


I hope you have the best and most successful semester ever!