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The Start of Spring Semester as Told By Modern Family

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at URI chapter.

Well my fellow collegiates, it’s second semester which means cramming for exams, staying up until the wee hours of the night writing papers and interviewing for summer internships. It’s the rough storm before the calm summer when we get to breathe for a few months before it’s back to lectures and labs. Why not laugh a little through the pain? Here’s some hilarious, relatable GIF’s from your favorite sitcom, Modern Family.

Pulling into your driveway/dorm knowing you’re about to be reunited with your roomies/besties. 

When your friends are complaining how hungover they are…uhm hello? You’re supposed to be, it’s syllabus week. 

Showing your roomies all the new clothes you got over break like it’s a fashion show.

Sorry single gals, we’re back listening to our roommates complain about their boyfriends.

No more sleeping till noon, time to wake up for our lovely 9a.m. classes again. YAWWWWN.

Thirsty Thursday during syllabus week, let’s hit the bar ladies. 

You end up in the bathroom of the bar drunkenly staring in the mirror shamfully yelling at yourself…

When you find your new crush on campus that you’ll probably obsess over the next few months. 

When your professor tells you this is a discussion course and therefore you MUST read the textbooks…

*First day of class* Professor says “Let’s start with chapter one.” Excuse me sir, do you know what the term ‘syllabus week’ means? 

We’ve been away from schoolwork for six weeks, don’t expect us to adapt so quickly.

Listening to your classmates talk about their upcoming job interviews and internships they have; God, I am so behind.

Us college kids are too busy (lazy) to cook our own food, time to eat cereal and easy-mac. We took the month of home cooked meals for granted once again. 

Ahh, back to dealing with fratty f*ckboys that make us crazy. 

All of the sudden, it’s the 3rd week and you’re already venting to your roomie about 2 midterms, 3 papers, your job, and let’s throw in your social life.