Spotify Playlist for Every Mood

Spotify playlists are my absolute favorite thing about Spotify. When you’re too lazy to make your own playlist, you can just look through the billions of amazing playlists other people have made. Here are some the best playlists for every mood.

When You Feel Like Singing:

Songs to Sing in the Shower by Spotify

Try Not to Sing Along by Valerie Smart

Singing Loud in the Car by Zoe Sugg

Songs to Sing in the Car by Spotify

Road Trip Sing Along Songs by


When it’s Throwback Thursday:

Sing Through the Decades by Spotify

Throwback Party by Spotify

#ThrowbackThursday by Spotify

Throwback James by Spotify

Throwbacks by SRJBB97

Throwback (2005-2011) by Eelainekkim

Classic Pop Picks by Spotify


When You Feel Sad:

Sad Songs by Spotify

SAD LOVE SONGS by Dina.Pedersen98

Sad Songs by FunnyBunny000000

Sad Country by Dillard Pinkston


When Summer Comes:

HITS Top Party Songs 2018 by Indiemono

Summer Party by Spotify

Summer Hits by Spotify

Summer ’18 by Spotify

Summer Vibes by Filtr Sweden

Summer House by Spotify


When You Want to Chill Out:

Chill Hits by Spotify

Chillin’ on a Dirt Road by Spotify

Chilled R&B by Spotify

Chill Vibes by Spotify

Chillout Lounge by Spotify


When You’re Going for a Night Out:

Going out! By Gemma Patterson

Going out by


Party Up by Spotify

Party Jams by


When You’re Working Out:

Beast Mode by Spotify

Workout Twerkout by Spotify

Workout by Spotify

Rock Me Up! By Spotify

Work Out Songs For White Girls by Kimberleydean2