So What’s The Deal With Meal Delivery Kits?

Since I’ve had so much time on my hands, I recently decided to try a meal delivery kit as a way to try some new recipes. I’ve always liked cooking but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily my forte which is why having every step laid out for me was really appealing. The first week I was very excited to get my delivery and made a dish that night. Since I’ve been spending so much time with my family, my mom and I decided to cook together which I found has been really helpful because it cuts the work in half. 

Woman slicing tomatoes

There are so many really good food combinations that I hadn’t tried before this and now I’m glad I have. Who would’ve thought pineapple and barbeque sauce would be good on a pizza? But a lot of these kits come with meals that aren’t superordinary. 

But for those that are pickier, there are so many options that resemble your basic favorites like burgers and fries. With almost a dozen meals to choose from each week, it is really hard not to find something you like! There is also quite a selection of vegetarian dishes and they’re actually very delicious and filling! 

Peanut Noodle Salad

I would most definitely recommend trying a meal kit out to see if it works for you. Although I don’t always feel like cooking, this makes it a lot less of a hassle! Plus if you get a larger serving size then you could save the extra for leftovers and cook less often. Whether you use it long term or just for a few weeks for recipe inspiration, trying something like this can be a lot of fun!