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1.   You dress nice for the first week, but from that point on you no longer care if you look ‘presentable’ to your fellow classmates.

2.   You avoid certain bars because you know it’ll be filled with the under-aged sophomores and juniors.

3.    Every time you go somewhere significant (or not so significant), you use the phrase “this is our last time…” Ex) “This is our last first Thirsty Thursday.”

4.  Your schedule contains that one last Gen Ed you need to graduate, which you have no interest in, like Intro to American History or something completely irrelevant to your future career.

5.    Every day usually ends with you and your roommates at the bar for a drink, because hey, you’re legal now. (Side note: embrace the cheap happy hour specials at your college bars until you have to leave in a few months.)

6.   You know all the parking spots don’t need a permit and most important, where you WON’T get towed.

7.  No need to worry about not having friends in class, it’s all the kids in your major you’ve known for the past 2 years.  

8.  When the line into the bar is one-in-one-out and you notice all the under-aged kids in front of you trying to get in…

9.   You start applying to real-life careers your first week of school because senioritis isn’t a thing in college…it’s more like debilitating anxiety.

10.  You can’t recover from drinking as well as you did when you were a bright-eyed freshman.

11.   You and your friends have a certain “spot” in the library.

12.   Instead of YOLO, it is now YOSO. Definition: I’m a senior and can do whatever the f*** I want.

13.   You go out as much as you can because, let’s face it, this is the last year it’s acceptable for us to get hammered on a Tuesday night.

14.  You notice more of your friends on Facebook are getting engaged and/or pregnant

15. You start to care more about real-life drama such as “Breaking News” and “Politics” rather than what the Kardashians are up to…is what getting old looks like?

16. Lastly, getting super emotional with your roomies because this might be the last year get to live with your 5 best friends.

Long Island grown. Double major in Public Relations and Political Science. Lover of coffee, netflix, the beach, Donald Trump & the NY Rangers.
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