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Signs Your Dunkins Addiction Is Spiraling Out Of Control

You’ve never ordered anything smaller than a large coffee.

You wouldn’t be caught dead without your DD perks card.

If that’s not enough, you also have the app for your phone.

The workers know your order when you walk in or pull your car up.

You schedule your day around Dunkin pitstops.

And if not, you shamelessly walk into class or work late, coffee in hand.

“You want anything from Dunks?” is used in your every day vocabulary.

You’ve tweeted or instagrammed a picture captioned “I run on Dunkin.”

You judge people if you see them drinking Starbucks over Dunks.

Your friends and family always include a DD giftcard with your present, because they know better.

Your room and/or car is gloriously decorated with empty cups.

The weather won’t stop you from getting your fill.

20 degreees? You’re still getting that iced coffee you’ve been craving all day.

Lastly, you never miss out on any free coffee days from DD because they’re mentally, or physically marked on your calendar. No f*cks given.


Ashamed after reading this wondering if you need to cut back of your dunkies? Don’t be, you’re not alone!

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