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Rhody Rams vs. The Kardashians

The Kardashian and Jenner clan is everywhere you go, no matter what. They invade and take over social media, are all over billboards and commercials, and their reality show on E! is always replaying. They are undeniably the most famous family in Hollywood. What makes them so interesting? What is so addicting about their lifestyle? I cannot deny, I follow every one of them on social media and stalk their recent posts.  I’ve played their app games on my phone and researched articles that relate to anything they’re doing with their lives. I still cannot find out why they seem to be a phenomenon! Here are a few comments from a few of our Rhody Ram(ettes) who have thoughts about the Kardashian/Jenner clan and who they are as people. 


Jay Barbara 19- Manhattan, NY

I think that I love them, I keep up with them. I respect all of them because they are hardworking, but the only one I don’t really like is Kylie because she’s a year younger than me and she needs to relax. She already has her own house, that’s ridiculous. They are all apart of the same family, but they are all unique and that’s why I love them. 
Nikki Guadagnoli- New Haven, CT
Khloe is my favorite, I cannot stand Kim, and I like Kendall because I feel like she’s accomplished as a person and the rest of them aren’t. Kris, forget about her, I cannot stand her.
Shannon Rodenbush- Middleboro, MASS
I think they’re really entertaining, but they lack talent. They are all really pretty, but they are only that pretty because they have money to professionally make themselves pretty.
Crystan Salucci- Kings Park, NY
I love their show but I think they’re fake. They all have plastic surgery, and I think their bodies are really fake, too. They are rich for no reason basically.
Michelle Kutsyk- Brooklyn, NY
Well they are very entertaining, I follow them and what they do. Overall, they’re not very smart. It’s fun to listen and learn about their lives, but they are very fake. 
Steph Jacovino- Fort Lee, NJ
I think that they are stupid and that they should not be as famous as they are because they’re dumb. Dumb, dumb, and dumber. 
Kelly King- Middletown, RI
Um, honest opinion, love them all, but hate Kylie. I love Kourtney and Khloe. I like Kim sometimes. I miss Scott and Kourtney together, Scott is my dream man. 
Jen Condon- Warwick, RI 
They are extremely over dramatic, but entraining. I think they try too hard but I also wish I could be them. 
Sam Martone- Lincoln, RI
I love them, they are fabulous. I want to be Kendall and Kylie and I always watch their show, i’m sad that season 11 is coming to an end. 
Ella McVaney- Westport, CT
They take my mind off my own problems. They are famous for no reason but i’m still jealous because I want to be famous for no reason. 
I was watching the Steve Harvey show and he had a talk about the Kardashians. One women said “It doesn’t matter what you think about them, they’re still cashing their checks.” I believe that is more than true.  No ones’ opinions can touch them and their lavish lifestyle, but would it kill them to be a little more real? Today’s most famous family should exemplify higher morals and standards than they do. But hey, keep doin’ you Kardashians and Jenners. 
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