Recap: Summer 2018

Summer 2018 was a summer for the record books. Turning 19, boarding my first airplane and becoming a resident assistant (RA) for the best university have all been events that I will remember for a lifetime.

At the very beginning of summer, my significant other, Evan, and I celebrated our five-year anniversary. We spent an evening at a very fancy restaurant and spent way more money than we should have. But I enjoyed laughing with him more than anything. (Stay tuned this semester for a blog post about our dorky love story). He gifted me a fish tank and we went from cat parents to also fish parents. Not only was this an awesome gift, but will be an awesome experience to be responsible for a living creature together.

In the middle of June, I received a position at my local Pottery Barn. I worked with a team of designers over the course of the summer, which introduced me to one of my new favorite past times: interior design and decorating. The discount for working at the Pottery Barn was also pretty sweet, especially when you’re a broke college student.

At the end of July, I boarded my first plane ever with Evan. It was scary and breathtaking all at once but now all I want to do is travel. We spent a few nights in Boca Raton, Florida with one of my childhood best friends, Bam. We explored Boca and went to Delray Beach. It was so fun to just explore a place I had never been to.

Evan and I ended up spending seven hours at the Town Center of Boca Raton, which is a HUGE mall. I have to say, I loved traveling, but one of my favorite parts of that vacation was sleeping next to him every night. It was lovely to wake up to his cute face every morning.

On the last day in Florida, we all went to Delray beach shops and it was super hot and so much fun. I spent way too much money on souvenirs but hey, I couldn’t help it. On the way back to Rhode Island, when going through TSA at the airport, they pulled me aside, fully frisked me and took apart all of my things. I was internally freaking out, but apparently, the machine was broken and had made a mistake. Still, it was a terrifying situation.

Most college students have until the end of August to enjoy their summer, however, I had to move back into URI mid-August for RA training. This consisted of two weeks full of 11 hour days and terrible stomach-upsetting dining hall food. As awful as that sounds, it was easily one of the most unforgettable weeks of my life. I met my fellow staff who I will be working and living with for the next nine months and they are all were so unique and hilarious. I am truly blessed to have been placed in a building that is beautiful, air-conditioned, has a great staff and the ability to live with Evan in an awesome suite.

I am so excited to be an RA this year and I can’t wait to meet my residents. I also can’t wait to start classes and to finally use all my new stationery. There is just so much to be excited for!

Peace out summer 2018, hello fall!