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RBF Problems

Resting b*tch face is a term for a facial expression–or lack there of–that unintentionally shows anger, annoyance or disinterest.  For those of us who are cursed with RBF, we face a few struggles regularly.

1. You think your face looks like this:

2. But it actually looks like this:

3. People think you’re constantly annoyed.

4. You’ve had a pretty good day in general, but then someone ruins it by asking if you’re okay.

5. Someone told you when they first met you they thought you were a total bi-otch.

6. No one can ever tell if you’re being serious, sarcastic, or completely kidding.

7. You’ve noticed that people have been overly nice to you before because they think you don’t like them.

8. You’re actually a lot nicer than your walking-to-class-face would suggest.

9. A complete stranger has told you to smile.

10. People assume you’re completely emotionless.

11. So you have to go out on a limb to explain that you actually are upset.

12. Someone has pointed out the complete obvious that you’re making ‘the face’.

13. And you’ve had to explain that no, you aren’t a b*tch, that’s just your face.



Don’t feel bad about having RBF; embrace it!


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