Is a Random Roomate a Bad Idea?

So you’re trying to decide if you should search for a roommate or let the school select someone for you. I’m sure you’ve heard some roommate horror stories which is why you’re struggling to make the choice. I’m here to tell you that a random roommate isn’t always a bad thing.

I don’t always make the best first impressions so I decided I would just let things work out and hope that I got someone good. Most freshmen usually live in a triple but I was lucky enough to live in a double. I remember when I found out who my roommate was going to be. It was 3 a.m. and I was getting ready to go on a big road trip and this girl messaged me on Instagram and said that we were roommates. Of course, my first move was to follow her back and stock her Instagram page.

She seemed perfectly normal and as we started to chat we even found out we had things in common. Now I just had to see if she was actually great in person. On move-in day I was really nervous at first because living with a stranger feels weird but we ended up getting along super well and lived with each other our whole freshman year. Of course, we had our differences, as everybody does, but we were able to live in the same space and be friends. A year later and we actually live in the same suite just different rooms. 

So before you get too worried that your new roommate is going to be a complete psycho and you won’t get along, just remember that sometimes going random can be a great thing.