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Quick Ways to Upgrade Your Style Without Spending Money

Has your favorite sweatshirt been getting more use than usual lately? If you’re feeling lazy but are sick of wearing the same outfits over and over again, try these quick tricks to spice up your looks without breaking the bank.

Photo By Tookapic-Pexels

1. Belts

Even if your jeans fit really well, adding a belt to an outfit can bump it up. There’s bound to be a cute one hiding somewhere in your closet that will take your regular sweater and jeans to the next level.

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2. Nail Polish

Treat yourself to a mini spa day with an at home manicure. Fun colors can not only add to your style, but also brighten up your day and give you something fun to look at while you’re texting.

Photo By Rudolf Kirchner-Pexels

3. Mix up Your hairstyles

I personally always find myself rocking the same hair day in and day out. Even if you don’t go to the salon, adding a headband or braid that you normally wouldn’t, can make a difference.

Photo By Artem Bali-Pexels

4. Clothing Swap

If it’s truly time for a new wardrobe, round up your best friends that wear similar sizes and see if anyone wants to do an exchange. Shopping in each others’ closets is free and everyone ends up with a closet full of new pieces. Bonus points if you donate any extra or unwanted clothes!


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