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PSA to Everyone Who Isn’t a Twin: Shut Up Please!

Back in my womb days, I somehow split into two human beings and now there is an identical clone of me roaming this earth. I don’t know how this happened or why, but what I do know is that these next 12 things are exactly what we are sick and tired of hearing. **I give Dylan and Cole Sprouse permission to approve of this message.**

1. You’re identical? Are you sure?

What kind of question is that? Obviously, I’m sure.

2. Who’s the favorite?

Please stop (But like, me).

3. So like, can you guys read each other’s mind?

This isn’t Stranger Things thank you.

4. Can you feel each other’s pain?

I said no and you continue to pinch me in front of my sister hoping we both react.

5. Who’s the hotter twin?


6. Have you ever tricked someone?

Life isn’t the Parent Trap sorry to disappoint.

7. I want a twin so badly I’m jealous.

It’s not for everyone, trust me.

8. Do you guys fight a lot?

No, it’s not like everything we do is a low key competition since the age of 3.

9. Who’s smarter?

Thank you for fueling the fire that drives our competition.

10. So are you the good one or the bad one?  

Ask me again. I DARE you.

11. Okay so hypothetically, you could kill someone and then frame your twin.

Are you okay, why are you asking this?

12. So…. Threesome?

You need to leave. Now.


Hey everyone! I'm Leila Fine and I'm a sophomore at URI majoring in Journalism and Film Media! I'm from Rockland County, NY Insta: leilaafine
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