The Pros And Cons Of Being Extremely Short

When it comes to being short, it is definitely a love-hate relationship. There are things you’ll love, and some things will make you more frustrated than trying to solve a hard math problem, and frankly - there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Unless you want to wear six-inch heels every second of your life, which is probably not something you’ll want to do. Trust me.

Pro: Your Crush Will Probably Be Taller Than You

There’s nothing better than being the “little spoon” when cuddling your tall partner. You’ll feel super comfortable and cuddly in their arms. It’s also adorable when they have to basically bend down at a 90-degree angle just to kiss you. They might not be able to hold your hand, but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives when it comes to height differences between partners.


Con: You Definitely Can’t Reach The Top Shelves

Grab your stepping-stool because we all know you won’t be able to reach the Lucky Charms in the top pantry. Or, you could forget the stepping-stool and just jump up onto the counter, that works too! You might even have to ask someone to get something for you, and then they’ll probably tease you about it. Taken from personal experience.


Pro: You Can Get Comfortable Just About Anywhere

Well, unless you’re super picky. Usually, us short girls can get comfy anywhere cause we don’t need much space, literally. We can fit into small places, like a locker or a tiny little closet. It’s honestly the perfect way to scare people. Twin bed? No problem! We’ll probably even still have some wiggle room. And if someone drops something in a small space, we can easily get it for them. Look at us go, we’re super practical!


Con: Sometimes Clothes Just Don’t Cooperate

The biggest tease in the world is when you find the best shirt in the world and then you try it on and it suddenly becomes a dress. Don’t even get me started about leggings - they just never fit right! They just scrunch up a million times at the end and look like those mushy Shar-Pei puppies (which are super cute by the way). And jeans? You have to probably roll those babies up four times just so they can fit around your ankles. The struggle is real.


Pro: Heels Are Your Best Friend

No need to fear being taller than your formal date, you’ll still be shorter than them while also wearing your favorite pair of killer heels. They also just look amazing on you, and make your legs look absolutely fantastic! You go, girl!


Con: You Might Be Mistaken For A Child

Yeah, it happens. We may be the same height as a fourth-grader, but we promise we aren’t nine years old. Seriously, some elementary school kids tower over us, and we might even be bullied by them for it. However, this could be a good thing if you’re trying to get a discount on movie tickets or free food on those “kids eat free” days at restaurants. 


Pro: People Might Let You Go In Front Of Them At Concerts

This one’s awesome, and definitely comes in handy. Since you’re the height of a nine-year-old, people are usually generous and let you go in front of them at live shows because they can easily see over you. You can make your way right to the front most of the time, so no need to stand on your tippy-toes for the entire show.


Con: You Can’t See Over Tall People

Well, some people aren’t that nice, and won’t let you cut in front of them at a concert. Shame on them, but they don’t have to. Your favorite band is playing at a concert, but all you can see is waving arms and the sweaty backs of tall people. Talk about a mood-killer. But on the bright side, you can still hear the music!


Pro: People Think You’re Cute

It’s true - short people are genuinely adorable. Not to toot my own horn, but we truly are. If you’re extremely short, you’ll probably get complimented for being “cute” or “adorable” a lot. Whether you take this as an insult or a compliment, people usually mean it in the nicest way possible. Trust them and say thank you, because you are adorable!


Con: People Don’t Always Take You Seriously 

This can be a real pain. No matter how fired up and angry we are, people don’t bat an eye at us just because of our height. Sometimes, it’s better to just avoid conflict, because we just know that we’ll be laughed at or not taken seriously. Ouch. We’re not cute when we’re mad, we’re scary and pure evil. Fear us!


Honestly, being short is a true roller-coaster of “I hate this” and “I love being tiny!” After all, we should just accept these pros and cons for what they are and love ourselves. I mean, we are adorable and sometimes get free dinners, so take that tall people!