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Podcasts have reached a new hertz in popularity within the past decade. From radio journalists utilizing a new medium, to diverse fictional stories you wish you could see, this platform is home to many different voices. Though, there are many different stations to take advantage of, the decision of which channel to start with can be a barrier to entry. So, for the new folks joining and listening to podcasts, here are some choices to consider:

Wolf 359

Wolf 359 is a Sci-Fi podcast about space capitalism and supernatural anomalies with a healthy dose of humor. The lead, Eiffel, brings you on the day-to-day voice logs of his time aboard the U.S.S. Hephaestus. Orbiting the star, Wolf 359, is as eventful as looking into the sun until decades old music comes filtering through the transmitter system and things take a turn for the unusual. With three seasons to the show, your ears will be glued to the speakers. Forced into working with an insidious corporation, Eiffel and the crew endure their trials in space travel.

Latino USA

Latino USA jumps into the Latino Community, following developments and current events. With episodes focused on figures, described to be the backbone of the community, each segments is jam-packed with captivating narratives. From music to movies to politics, this podcast has an amazing range of topics that never fail to draw me in.


Limetown is a podcast that, sadly, only has one season. But, by Jove, it employs a hyper-realistic news format. I did, however, have to look up if it was fiction because the production values are so high. The fictional report is created in a documentary style fashion, focusing on the anniversary of the disappearance of an entire town. The investigation of the “true events” lead the listener down unpredictable rabbit holes. The reporter leading the charge for the Limetown Case does so with a phenomenal focus and resilience. The case, however, seems to get the last laugh in each episode by concluding with more questions being asked than answered.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

If y’all are looking for some humor, listen to the three self-proclaimed “Chuckleheads” on My Brother, My Brother, and Me. The siblings dive into Yahoo Questions to give advice in the form of a radio show. They do warn that their advice would most likely be detrimental to you, so best leave the “tactful” solutions to the pros behind the mic. If there was ever a show that could make me laugh out loud in a library, this would be it. The three chuckleheads even dive into other podcasting channels that focus on role-playing, style advice and healthy lifestyle choices that are riddled with well-informed advice.

Thankfully, the Android and the Apple Store have free podcast apps to download. All that is left, is to choose channels to subscribe to, and kick your evening off with an easy listen.

Hello, I am a triple major in Communications, Writing & Rhetoric, and Business Administration. As far as long walks on the beach and bungee jumping goes, I am an avid traveler. I hope to one day be in the remake of The Devil Wears Prada, and develop a heat sensitive, color changing hair dye. I am excited to be writing for Her Campus and to show off my personality in my writing.
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