Planning Next Semester Classes

It is that time of year again where you have gotten your pick time for classes for next semester. If you can’t already tell I am a huge planner—I started planning my schedule in the first week of spring classes for reference. There are multiple ways you can plan your schedule: excel, google sheets and online resources such as Study Gismo. What I like to use is google sheets and color code my classes. These are the steps I go through for making my class schedule.

1. Write down the classes you need to take.

2. Look up your courses on your school website and find the times you want to take classes. For me, I like to take classes in the morning and finish early in the day.

3. Next, you want to decide which color is for each class.

4. Then, create a table with hours on the left and days on top (as shown in the image below).

5. Finally, start creating your schedule! It is better if you create multiple schedules in case that class you wanted gets filled or waitlisted (especially if you’re a freshman).

If you're not a planner or organize things often, that's okay! Start small and try to be a little bit more organized than before. People like to make their schedules differently so look at what is helpful to you and start planning!