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Places to Find BAE As Told By Disney

Looking for your BAE around Campus? During orientation it was said that we would find our future significant other walking around campus. I can’t promise that this is entirely true, but there are definitely many options to choose from. I often hear, “Literally, there is no one on this campus that I like.” Well, with 17,000 students, there has to be at least one bae for you. Bae is not just a relationship or a hook-up. Bae may be that special person who just wants to get to know you for you! Are you finding yourself looking for bae? Here are some thoughts on where to start searching, as told by the master of romance; Walt Disney.

Fine Arts Center

Maybe you’ll find bae in the orchestra or on stage at one of the many theatre productions. Bae could be a painter and while you’re touring the gallery, he or she might be waiting to talk impressionism with you. Give it a shot, support URI Arts and find bae!

193 Degree Coffee Shop

Great coffee and always a great crowd! 193 has the chillest atmosphere where students can relax, unwind, and engage in philosophical conversations over a hot beverage. Bae might be waiting for you to join him or her for coffee, or even to have a kind-spirited conversation. Take risks and take a seat! You could find yourself going for coffee runs more often!

The Library

We have all had that fantasy of walking past the bookshelves and spotting bae through the stacks. Maybe bae has a favorite spot and he or she is waiting for a new study buddy! The library is always filled with people, I know I have definitely found my fair share baes in the library.

Multicultural Student Services Center

Events go on all the time in the MSSC. Whether it’s a ministry meeting, forum, dance class, or even a concert, the MSSC always draws in a variety of students. The events that take place in the MSSC are selected to draw students with all different interests so you can find someone new at any given event. Bae could be hold a meeting, attending a presentation, or even hanging out in one of the several study spaces.

Hope in the Butterfield

Who loves to eat? Bae sure does! Bae could be waiting in the stir fry or pasta line, why don’t you try talking to them instead of scrolling through instagram for the hundreth time? Bae might be in line for chicken nuggets, steal one of their plate if you’re feeling daring. Maybe Bae dropped their fork while returning their dishes. Don’t just sit there! Even if it’s not bae, be a good Samaritan.

Fascitelli, Mackal,Tootel

Why not try the gym. There are countless URI Crushes, Yik Yaks, and URISnaps about gym baes. He or she might be thirsty, go join bae for a water break. Or they might be looking for someone to spot them while they’re pumping iron! After all, everyone needs someone to have their back. Bae might even be attending a class, like yoga; step out of your comfort zone and bae might not be too far behind!

There are plenty of places to find bae on campus, all you need is to take a step out of your comfort zone! Once you do, you might just find your happily ever after.

Alexia Williams is a member of the Class of 2017 at the University of Rhode Island. She is a Elementary Education and Sociology double major. She loves to eat, pray,and love!
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