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Outfit Ideas for this Confusing Transition Weather

It's that time of year again where its not quite cold but not quite warm. It can be very hard to dress each morning during this time of the season. Here are some outfit inspirations for how to dress through these transitional weeks to summer!

1. Wearing jeans and a light sweater is a good outfit to wear on the chillier days.

2. Jeans and a long sleeve crop top is a perfect outfit for this time of year. The long sleeves will help block the cool wind but won't be too heavy in the sun.

3.  When it is getting a little bit warmer wearing a t shirt and jeans is a cute warm weather outfit choice.

4.  When it's warmer and you're looking for an outfit a little fancier than jeans, you can pair a cute dress with any jacket.

5. Remember to layer! In this type of weather is is helpful to have a jacket or a cardigan. That way you can take it off if it's warmer or through it on in the wind!

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