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An Open Letter to My Best Friend’s Family

Long before you came to college and spent nights in your best friend’s dorm, you spent nights in their real homes. Their families took you in and treated you like their own. Here’s to the people that made you feel like you had a place in a family just as crazy and a home just as cozy as yours. 

To My Second Family,

From the first day I ever stepped foot through your front door, you welcomed me in with the warmest hugs and the sense of a second “home.” Thank you for allowing a special kind of friendship between your daughter and I to kindle.  We probably could have done it on our own, but who else would have shuttled us everywhere, and provided us with a place to cry, laugh, and indulge in the endless amounts of midnight snacks over the years??

The titles of Mom and Dad are far from awkward and completely acceptable when coming from me. You were there to watch us grow through our awkward phases and still never let us forget it. You have seen me at my best and helped me through my worst. You have always treated me as family by teaching me to believe that it doesn’t end with blood and love comes in all shapes and forms. I’ll never forget the countless times you’ve treated me to dinner, spoiled me during the holidays, and letting me tag a long on family trips.

Thank you for introducing me to new places, sharing advice and helping to steer me away from boys that have broken my heart. Thank you for noticing my up and down days and never failing to make sure I smile by the end of our conversations. Thank you for letting my best friend and I sing at the top of our lungs, laugh super obnoxiously and being okay with it. I couldn’t thank you all enough for the memories, allowing us to have sleepovers on school nights, picking us up from the movies late at night, and most importantly for always being there.

Thank you for everything you have done for me and for accepting me as your own.


Love Always,

Your adopted daughter 

I'm willing to make anybody smile. I write to show how I chase happiness, contain & maintain positivity, express love and thought, and pursue strength and stability.
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