#NowPlaying: Brooke's Playlist


The ultimate sad boi hour song. I love the chorus because it is just so heart clenching. My favorite songs are the ones where I physically can feel the intention of the song. It’s about a guy loving another girl and knowing that the other guy that she’s interested in, is better for her.

2. Human by Dodie

The most accurate song on my playlist for how I’ve been feeling recently.  Some days I feel like a wreck and no matter what I do, I can never do anything right. When I get into those moods, I reflect on my relationship with Evan and I feel like a burden on him. This song is what I listen to, to remind myself that I am only human and it’s okay to hurt and mess up, but even after my worst moments I am still loved. 

3. Trip by Ella Mai

I stumbled upon this song on accident. Sometimes I just click random videos on the “recommended for me” tab on YouTube. I love the beat and the way the words sway together in the chorus. Such a great song to listen to when you are relaxing at night.

4. Love Someone by Lukas Graham

Every time I hear this song, I either text Evan I love him if he’s not in the same room as me or run up to him and squeeze him. The love Evan and I share is something so magical. I still have a hard time describing it because it is so rare and amazing all wrapped into one. In the music video, the lead singer is singing to his wife and his newborn child, and it makes me cry. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The thought of Evan looking at our baby (many years from now), makes me want to squeal because of how much love I’ll have looking at the two of them.

5. Ghost of You by 5SOS

The melody of this song is heart wrenching in the most poetic way. It has been a very long time since I’ve felt a romantic heartbreak but as far as I remember, the way this song talks about the pain feels pretty accurate. My favorite lyric is “Cleaning up today / found that old Zeppelin shirt / you wore when you ran away / and no one could feel your hurt,”  because it reminds me of Evan and his love of Led Zeppelin. The song is a sad yet lovely masterpiece.