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Nine Writer’s Block Tips for Lazy People

Whether you are the most creative, skilled writer in the world, or someone who hates even the idea of putting words into sentences, both can agree that sometimes it’s incredibly hard to come up with ideas. I get it, I’ve been there. Frankly, coming up with interesting topics to rant about is arguably the hardest part about writing. Once you grasp the idea, the rest will eventually follow. But how exactly are you going to grasp an idea if you don’t know what to write about in the first place? Well, that’s what I’m here for. 

The two main things to consider when planning your next piece of writing are: What will I enjoy writing about? And, will other people find this interesting, and want to keep reading your work?

Still stuck? That’s fine, I got you covered. Here are some ideas for your writer’s block.

Write About A Dream You Had

This may not interest every single person who views it, but it sure is an interesting topic. Dreams are like a distorted vision of your waking life, and if you can’t think of anything in your actual waking life, you can write about the life behind your closed eyes. Some dreams are extremely absurd, wacky and just flat out “all over the place.” This can be loads of fun to write about, and equally interesting to read about. Think about it, the first thing most people do when they have a weird dream is, naturally, tell the nearest person about it. Why not write about it? You’re also likely to remember it for much longer if it’s written down somewhere. 

You can also start a “Dream Journal.” I’ve been doing this for years, and honestly, It’s one of the most exciting things to write about. Next time you take a nap or wake up in the morning with a dream (that you can remember) grab your writing equipment and get going!

Write About A Movie You Loved (Or Hated)

So, you recently watched a bunch of movies while procrastinating your writing and schoolwork. I’m way too familiar with that. But, you can make that into some pretty cool, and productive content. People love to read about movie reviews, critiques, and opinionated articles. It’s not always easy to write about just any movie, you have to choose a movie you have strong opinions on. For example, you can write about how awful the Cats was, or about how amazing and captivating you thought Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker was. Movies are not only fun to watch, but just as fun to write about after you watch them. Give it a shot.

Use A Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are a great way to exercise your writing, and can be super fun to incorporate into your work. These prompts also come in-handy for your writer’s block, because they simply give you something to write about, leaving the creative responsibility up to you. You may get a prompt telling you to write about a place or an animal. And while it seems vague, you can make it as specific and intricate as you please. These prompts aren’t a task to follow, they simply guide you to think outside the box and create something you wouldn’t necessarily write about naturally.

Turn A Song Into A Story

This may sound senseless, but it can be quite effective, especially if you’re a music lover. Music, with or without lyrics tell their own stories, but the meanings of songs can be interpreted differently from person to person. Music can inspire you and motivate you to do a number of things. Pumped up music may make you want to go to the gym or dance. Lo-Fi beats can aid in your studying, or help you fall asleep. Sad music might make you think about someone, or even make you tear up. If music can do motivate and inspire you to feel so many different emotions, why not use music to help your writing? For even more inspiration, you can watch the music video to really get the creative juices flowing. Plug-in those headphones and start brainstorming to some Fleetwood Mac – and if that’s not your style, listen to DaBaby or maybe Slipknot.

Write About Something You Know A Lot About Or Enjoy

I know what you’re thinking – Duh! Well, sometimes it’s not always obvious to us writers about what we want to write about, even though each writer enjoys a plethora of different things. Know a lot about Harry Styles? Write about his best songs or performances. Maybe you know a lot about photography and cameras. You can write about your favorite techniques, or talk about your favorite camera equipment or projects. There’s plenty to write about, you just have to consider your hobbies. We all have them, even if you just enjoy sleeping or watching TV, that’s not bad content. Write about your favorite sleep positions and why you like them, or your favorite TV show characters. I could probably write about Dustin from Stranger Things all day every day.

Freestyle First, Organize Later 

If you’re staring at a blank screen or an empty piece of paper, try writing whatever is on your mind first, and worry about the organization when you finish. It can be complicated to organize your writing right off the bat, but there are no rules when it comes to writing. Skip the organization for now, and start jotting down your thoughts first, even if it’s something you think is stupid. I guarantee you can turn it into something rich and interesting. If you’re thinking about donuts, write about the donuts first, and then consider the best places to get donuts, or best flavors, maybe even the weirdest flavors. Think of it as a snowball: you start off with a simple thought, a snowflake, then allow it to collect more and more until it’s ready to be thrown. You got this! 

Try A Different Genre/Style 

If you’re a poet, try writing a story with a beginning, middle, and end. If you only write short stories, try making a poem. Sometimes we get stuck in a routine of writing in only one style, which can lead to a feeling of boredom, which then leads to the dreaded writer’s block. It’s not easy to try a new style of writing, but it’s worth a shot. If you usually write satire or funny content, push yourself to write something more serious. If you like to write emotional stories, write something light-hearted and uplifting. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can bring you a whole lot of new ideas, and you might surprise yourself by creating a masterpiece you never thought was possible. Switch it up; life’s too short for routines.

Read, Read, and Read Some More…

Yes, I said it: read. Some of the best inspiration for writing your own content is by reading someone else’s. Obviously we want to avoid being a copy-cat and make our own ideas, but reading can bring us some great new ideas. Branching off of stories, even coming up with theories or prequels for already produced stories is a great place to start. There is so much we can get out of reading, and inspiration for our own writing is one of the most prominent examples. Crack open some books, and watch as the inspiration flows through you.

Write About Ways You Overcome Writer’s Block 

Hey, that’s what I’m doing right now! What a coincidence. If you can’t think of what to write at the moment, think of ways to get around it, and write about those. Guilty as charged. There’s plenty of ways to overcome writer’s block, and everyone does it differently. Every writer can share their experiences with this nuisance, and give insight to other writers about ways to get through it. If you break through your writing stalemate by doing yoga, or by going on a hike in nature, write about that and the benefits it brings you! Share your secrets, because like people say: “Secrets, secrets are no fun unless you share with everyone.” 

No matter how advanced you are with your writing, it’s fair to say that we all slip up from time to time, and it seems as if our minds are empty as soon as we go to write. That is okay! It doesn’t mean you won’t write something that kicks ass ever again. Take a breath, do some extra digging into your mind, or apply some of these helpful tips to your life to break through your writer’s block. Good luck! 

Hi! My name's Shelby, but some of my friends call me Shebs. I was born and raised on Long Island, New York and have a strong love for New York pizza. I am currently attending the University of Rhode Island as an Undecided major within the Harrington school of Communications. I am interested in Film/Media and Journalism. I love kicking back and watching movies, especially horror movies.
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